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Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Foreign Exchange: started writing

Money kept in a wooden box by both characters. After the war this is the most important thing to the country and it's patriotic citizens.

August has women after him. despite his dapper but rundown state of dress. Speculation and gossip about his fortune populate the air in his wake.

I am finding my sleep has left me as people start to take life in my head.
I love the period.
The old photos help.
Worked out three pages over the weekend centered on August and the first time he meets (Her).
(Her name is still blank)
Still looking for the voice and flow for this piece.
Still thinking about life in this time 3D.
Now my mind is working out how the world would be now if the South had been victorious and this continent was forever split.
What kind of life would these people founded?

C. Still portrait of August

C. Still portrait of  Her

She wears black, dark blue, blood red, and pale blue.
The dark in this painting against the blue capture her life.

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  1. They met at fifteen.
    His family moved him away.
    He never forgot her.

    Is there something to this?
    see:JRR Tolkien youth, courtship and marriage