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Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Dark Dorrit: Millicent Veronica Clennam

Amy and Aurthur Clennam's daughter is named Millicent Veronica Clennam.

A new graveyard stand between her apartments and this part of the city.
The brothers Flintwinch owned this land. Now undead, they haunt it and live in the flagship Mausoleum built on the cheap for Mrs. Clennam as she prepared for her own death.
When Little Dorrit finished repairing the linens for the house she was set to work making her employers" final outfit".


Mrs. Clennam's Mausolem.
Jeremiah and Ephraim squat here.

They use her empty coffin to hold they money they make as hired murders.

Mrs. Clennam sat out the night. Her mansion crumbled from neglect  around them. She lay in Amy Dorrits embrace.
They hear Jeremaih screaming in terror as his brother attacks him in the ruined rubble.
His brother can be heard carrying his injured brother away in the night. 
She tells Little Dorrit her story, who cursed her to be among the living dead, who's reparation was in play.
Little Dorrit watched as the sun slowly rose, crossed the smoky courtyard until it's dim rays engulfed Mrs Clennam, turning her to dust. A warm breeze mixed the black sooty ash of her remains into the ruins of her house. 
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