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Sunday, January 17, 2010

Dark Dorrit

The life of Amy Dorrit was darker than Dicken's had the permission to document.
She was real. She was disappointed with his portrayal of her life.
One thing that stand out is his exclusion of the vampires.
He never mentioned the rapes and murder.
Author and Amy's daughter Victoria  has a life of education, art, travel.
She is an odd duck, looking for safety, discovers danger, betrayal, has a stalker and is at the effects and manipulation of The Vampires Flintwinch (Jeremiah and Ephraim) .
Amy has nightmares after seeing Mrs Clenman turn into a vampire then kill herself after her home collapses. she sits in the courtyard waiting for the sun to rise, the image burned into Amy's memories.
Jeremiah was afraid of his brother. Ephraim turns his twisted and crushed body. Jeremiah becomes a vampire infatuated with Amy and then Victoria.
Victoria remembers her youth, her parents, gossip and the dirty bits of history for the characters from Little Dorrit.

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  1. Amy never spoke to Charles Dickens again. (they were childhood friends)
    Victoria has the letters written to her mother from the author in a box.
    She thought the times were no excuse for dropping reality and sugarfied her life and story.